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  Kathy Inman did the right thing and resigned from NORML

Kathy Inman did the right thing and resigned from NORML

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Some people think Kathy Inman has a conflict of interest because her son in law, Andrew Myers is the head of the Arizona Dispensary Association. Andrew Myers also played a part in writing Prop 203 which is Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act.

If you read Prop 203 it looks like a government welfare program for medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Arizona Dispensary Association seems to want a govenrment monopoly on growing and selling marijuana so they can sell marijuana to the rest of us at rip off $300 and ounce prices when it becomes legal for recreational use.

And of course the if the Arizona Dispensary Association gets there monopoly on growing and selling marijuana once it is legalized, they will continue the insane "war on drugs" arresting anyone that dares to grow their own marijuana to avoid paying their $300 an ounce rip off prices.

If you ask me when marijuana is legalized, it should also be 100 percent legal for ANYONE to grow marijuana. NOBODY, including the Arizona Dispensary Association deserves a government monopoly on growing and selling marijuana.

Important Announcement for NORML in Arizona

Saturday, August 9, 2014 1:28 PM

From: "Norml In Arizona"

August 9th, 2014

This email sadly announces the resignation of Kathy Inman as State Director of NORML in Arizona. Since 2008 when Kathy began organizing the Phoenix NORML meetings, to the the incorporation of NORML in Arizona in 2012... Kathy has been a foot soldier for reform. She had proudly worn the NORML colors, stood behind those in need of support in court and talked to many to help them understand the safety and efficacy of the plant.

She has not been afraid to talk to legislators or law help "sway public opinion" regarding marijuana. She has dedicated many hours to a job that can sometimes be quite daunting.

Kathy now steps down from NORML to spend some quality time with her family and to pick up the gauntlet with MomForce. Thank you for your years of service Kathy.

The State Director Position: has been temporarily filled by, State Co-Director, Daron Babin. Daron is an entrepreneur, and has been serving with NORML since the beginning of 2014. As the last President of Phoenix NORML, Daron stepped into the role of Co-Director to assist the Board leading up to the Elections in January 2015. Daron Babin - State Director Norml In Arizona


Kathy Inman posing with good buddy Sheriff Joe

Kathy Inman of Phoenix NORML, Arizona NORML and NORML posing with police state terrorist Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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